ARD Radio Play Days 2007
A Festival for the Radio Plays
Wed, 07.11.2007 – Sun, 11.11.2007
After last year’s successful ARD Radio Play Festival, this year again, from 7–11 November, the atmosphere at ZKM | Karlsruhe and in the atrium of the adjacent HfG | Karlsruhe will be defined by dialogue and music, sounds and noises. Radio arts of all kinds will be offered on the five festival days; from narrative pieces to children’s plays, literary delicacies to ambitious, challenging and experimental works—and authors, directors, critics, and production editors have agreed to come and join in the discussion. Along with the presentation of the competition pieces, there will be an attractive program featuring live radio plays, workshops, concerts, panel discussions, and parties.
During the radio play days, all ARD radio programs and Deutschlandradio will be presenting their best productions and sending them to the competition. Presiding over the ARD radio play prize will be a jury of prominent specialists chaired by former Federal Minister of Culture Christina Weiss. The competition’s online premier is directed at the independent radio play scene. The festival’s audience prize, the ARD Online Award, will be decided by Internet listeners. There, as of 24 October, radio play fans throughout the world can listen to the pieces nominated and can select their favorite with the click of the mouse.

The awards ceremony will take place on Saturday evening at the ZKM_Media Theater.
Program highlights are the live performance of the radio play chamber opera Haus aus Stimmen by Silke Scheuermann (co-produced with ZKM) and the performance by Gerhard Polt and Biermösl Blosn. And excitement is guaranteed at the pre-listening of the first case in the new radio theater detective story series, ARD Radio TATORT. Other outstanding features of the program include a performance by the Ensemble Ascolta, which musically reinterprets early avant-garde films, the ZKM-Klangdom, concerts with the Talking Horns and the Balkan beat formation Äl Jawala, as well as DJ Shahrokh Dini’s legendary mood lounge on Friday night.
In Karlsruhe’s city center, radio theater will also be transmitted via a free radio theater train: just get on, roll along, and listen.

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Fri, November 09, 2007

Gerhard Polt and Biermösl Blosn
In the framework of the ARD Radio Play Festival HFG | Karlsruhe,
9 p.m.,
tickets € 16.50 /12.50 (for SWR2 club members, and others)
Tickets from the SWR2 Service Center 07221/300200
and at the Musikhaus Schlaile in Karlsruhe: 0721/23000

Gerhard Polt exposes petty thoughtlessness through epic monologues, short dialogues, sometimes even through a single sentence. He began his career with a polyphonic radio play; for over 25 years, Gerhard Polt has appeared together with the three multi-instrumentalists Christoph, Michael and Hans Well, better known as Biermösl Blosn. At the ARD Radio Play Days, the four subversive yodelers will present, in their customarily stylish way, Bavarian folk music combined with a satirical-political (radio-play) program.
»Ja, seid’s alle da? Na fang ma a!«

Sun, November 11, 2007

ARD Children’s Radio Play Day
Radio play fun for little ones and grown ups at ZKM and HfG | Karlsruhe,
10 a.m.–6 p.m., free admission

A festival for the entire family. A whole selection of radio plays from ARD and Deutschlandradio, in addition to live acts with the best of the ARD children’s radio program: Bärenbude, Zappelduster, and Ohrenbär. Children can also participate in and experiment with sound drifts, drumming fun, word finds, and the ZKM workshops Small Fish and Theremin-Bau. For the entire day, the hilarious Schorsch will be wandering through ZKM. Highlight of the day will be the orchestra radio play Der Krieg der Knöpfe at 2 p.m. on the large stage of the HfG.
And of course there are also prizes! At 11:30 a.m. in the ZKM_Foyer, the Deutsche Kinderhörspielpreis (awarded by the ARD and the film foundation NRW) and the Kinderhörspielpreis of the City of Karlsruhe. The latter will be decided by a jury of children.
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