Jean Michel Bruyère: CaMg[Co3] (Opening)
Fri, January 25, 2008 , Opening
The project »CaMg[CO3]2« by French film maker, director and media artist Jean Michel Bruyère is a multifaceted environment exploring the motif of traveling.

Taking the technical possibilities and spatial structure of the PanoramaScreen as a starting point, the work combines the fields of film and sculpture. The visual contents and the spatial design create a landscape taking the visitor on a journey into a fascinating emblematic cosmos: On the level of images, panoramic video footage showing a helicopter flight across the Italian Dolomites merges with a triptych of video sequences referring to a film by Russian director Alexandre Dovjenko. The staging of the environment draws from motifs of different tribal cultures, which are confronted with allusions to technologies of the recent past and the present.

As is characteristic for Bruyère's work, the artists adapts unusual finds and elements from various sources, from cultural history and the present and merges them into a multilayered, poetic space of images and references that investigates socio-cultural aspects of the global digital age.


Producer: Richard Castelli, Epidemic
Project direction ZKM | Institute for Visual Media: Bernd Lintermann
Production management: Nadine Febvre, LFKs; Richard Castelli, Epidemic; Jan Gerigk, ZKM | Institute for Visual Media


Concept and sculptures: Jean Michel Bruyère
Construction: Martine Brunott, Florence Drachsler, LFKs; Yacine Benbekhma, Ichen Bouachraoui, Maël Scontrini, CECDC
Music and singing: Thierry Arredondo, LFKs
Sound system: Rodrigo Sanz, Get Sound; Charles-Édouard de Surville, Get Sound
Coordination: Nadine Febvre, LFKs; Ichen Bouachraoui, CECDC
Aix-en-Provence residence management:
Patrick Ranchain

Panorama film

Direction: Jean Michel Bruyère
Coordination: Florence Berthaud, Richard Castelli, Céline Dal, Epidemic; Nadine Febvre, LFKs;
Petra Kaiser, Silke Sutter, ZKM | Institute for Visual Media


Concept: Jeffrey Shaw
Development and helicopter adaptation: ZKM | Institute for Visual Media
PanoramaCamera operator: Jan Gerigk, Bernhard Wunderlich, ZKM | Institute for Visual Media
PanoramaCamera postproduction: Joachim Tesch, ZKM | Institute for Visual Media


The PanoramaScreen is based on Jeffrey Shaw’s interactive panoramic cinema research.
The PanormaScreen was jointly developed by the ZKM | Institute for Visual Media, Karlsruhe [D] and the UNSW iCinema Research Centre, Sydney [AUS].
Screen manufacturing: Huib Nelissen Decor en Constructiewerken, Haarlem [NL].

Panorama Display Software:
Concept and development: Bernd Lintermann, ZKM | Institute for Visual Media

Plane spotting pilots: François Joliot, Charles Castelli

Helicopter shooting:
Heliteam manager: Peter Thoma
Heliteam pilot: Heico Zimmer

Triptych Film

Direction, director of photography, lighting: Jean Michel Bruyère
Actress: Martine Brunott, LFKs
Editing: Delphine Varas, LFKs
Makeup: Florence Drachsler, LFKs
Stage managing: Maël Scontrini, CECDC
Coordination: Nadine Febvre, LFKs
Technical equipment: LFKs; TSF


Epidemic, Paris [F]; LFKs, Marseille [F]; ZKM | Institute for Visual Media, Karlsruhe [D]; Get Sound, Paris [F]
with the support of Centre Européen de Création et de Développement Culturel [CECDC], Aix-en-Provence [F]; Le Volcan, Le Havre [F]; Information Technology Funding Program of the federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg [BW-FIT] [D].

About the author

Jean Michel Bruyère
Jean Michel Bruyère’s multifacted interdisciplinary work encompasses, among others, the fields of fine art, media art, film, music and theater. He has initiated and directed numerous projects, the most well-known being the foundation of the »La fabriks«, an international artist group located in France.
Multidisciplinarity and intercultural exchange being focuses of the group’s work, La fabriks has realized many projects not only in France, but also in, for example, Kinshasa, Leningrad, Port Louis, Dakar, Zagreb or Abidjan.
Over the last then years, Jean Michel Bruyère has also realized several films, exhibitions and concerts in Black Africa in collaboration with local artists.
Furthermore, he teaches dramatic arts at various international institutions and is a consultant to the French Association for Artistic Action and member of the Collège International des Arts Géographique.
His installations, performance-installations, films, videos and theater works have been presented internationally at museums and festivals, including presentations at the Avignon Festival [2002], »Lille 2004 - European Cultural Capital«, the House of World Cultures, Berlin, and the Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin [2007] as well as at the O-Art Center in Shanghai [2007].
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