Portrait Concert Kumiko Omura
Concert Kumiko Omura, 2009, ZKM | Karlsruhe
Thu, March 19, 2009 8 pm CET, Concert
Kumiko Omura (born 1970) is one of Japan’s leading composers in the area of electroacoustic music. She created a number of works during her residencies as guest artist at the ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics. International success at renowned festivals and concerts has drawn great attention to her. She studied with Isao Matsushita and Jo Kondo at the University of Fine Arts and Music in Tokyo and also studied composition with Nicolas A. Huber and electronic music with Ludger Brümmer at the Folkwang Hochschule Essen. Her works have been performed in Europe and Japan, including at the “Wittener Tagen für neue Kammermusik,” the "Agora" festival in Paris, and the “International Computer Music Conference” in Berlin.


Flashback II
For electronic sound (2000/2007)

Double Contour
For violoncello with live electronics
(2000/2008, premiere of the version with real time 3D image)
Francesco Dillon violoncello
Anne-Sarah Le Meur video

La complication d’images
For saxophone with live electronics and video
(2002/2007, DVD version)
Brian O’Reilly video

Tap Step Jump II
For tap dance and soprano with live electronics (premiere 2008)
Rie Watanabe tap dance
N.N. soprano
Organization / Institution