Jos Rinck: The Sound of Spaces
Wed, 05.05.2010, 8 pm CEST
European flutist Jos Rinck visited the Franz-Liszt Academy, the parliament, and the constitutional court to translate their sound, their history, their past, and current function musically and capture these impressions in sound recordings following the concept of his CD “Der Klang von Räumen – MenschenMusikRecht.” An empathy with the spaces and their musical realization became the main challenge, through which the European context could be felt at all times. Jos Rinck developed a concert composition from the sound material that resulted.

The music of these spaces is set vis-à-vis recordings from the halls of the “Nürnberg Trials,” the German constitutional court, and the “Yugoslavian Tribunal” in Den Haag. Texts by László Márton, whom the “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” identifies as one of the “most important Hungarian authors of his generation,” emphasize the connection to Hungarian history and expand the concert to a unique evening. The texts will be read by Joachim Johannsen, former theater director of the Staatstheaters Darmstadt, currently living in Paris and working as a publicist.
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