Sound. Space. Body – A Process
An Interdisciplinary Examination of Space, Sound, and Movement
Thu, October 28, 2010 , Opening
The interdisciplinary research project "Sound/Space/Body – A Process" maneuvers at the intersection of art and science. It combines dance, neuroscience, philosophy, and the fine arts to produce new knowledge in the field of perception research in the areas of aesthetics and the human sciences. A sound-space installation by Bernhard Leitner is the project’s starting point. Through the medium of dance, the perception of sound is investigated to ultimately mediate via seeing movement, a "different" – bodily– hearing. A communication network between the dancers develops from each of the listening constellations. The audience observes this communicative process and thereby gains access to "different" hearing, which ultimately leads to a utopian idea: all of the listeners become dancers. Through collaboration with the neurological sciences, the artistic project additionally becomes the base of a systematic methodology investigating the
"paradox of human subjectivity," that is, simultaneously being subject and object of this world. The experiences of the dancers serve as empirical material to develop new phenomenological questions and hypotheses. The artistic-scientific research results will be presented by the Association of Neuroesthetics e.V. in cooperation with Dr. Dorothée Legrand.

Choreographic concept Louise Wagner Berlin
Sound-space installation Bernhard Leitner Vienna
Dance Mathieu Burner, Litsa Kiousi, Katharina Meves, Davide Sportelli, Louise Wagner
Project presentation Ana Gomez-Carrillo, Association of Neuroesthetics e.V., Berlin
Organization / Institution

Association of Neuroesthetics e.V.