A Celebration Marking the 50th Anniversary of the Human Rights Organization
Sat, 07.05.2011, 8 pm CEST
In 1961, the British lawyer, Peter Benenson, called upon all people of the world to join forces in an active struggle for human rights, thereby laying the foundation of Amnesty International. A movement then emerged, now numbering up to 2.8 million people, spread across 150 countries.
This year Amnesty International is celebrating the idea that, together, individuals can indeed change a great deal, and is calling upon people throughout the world to be active, so that human rights will also continue to have a strong voice fifty years from now.
The General Secretary of Amnesty, Monika Lüke knows that “we can only change the world together”. The 50th anniversary of Amnesty International is to be duly celebrated at the ZKM | Karlsruhe.
In addition to the film presentation, the event includes discussions with Markus N. Beeko and Günter Minas, among others. Afterwards, guests can jive to the sounds of DJ deepthought.


8 p.m. Welcome

8.15 p.m., film presentation “THEN AND NOW. Beyond Borders and Differences”, a short film program by Art for the World: in allusion to Article 10 Charter of the Fundamental Rights of the European Union “Everyone has the freedom of thought, conscience and religion” the existing series “THEN AND NOW” comprising several short films is intended to highlight the complexity of cultures and to promote awareness and social integration and tolerance. Among others, the following films will be shown:
“GAO”, by Robert Wilson, USA
“Carnaval dos Deuses”, by Tata Amaral, Brazil
“Distante un padre”, by Masbedo, Italy
“La longue marche du caméléon”, by Idrissa Quédrago, Burkina Faso
“Chimères absentes”, by Fanny Ardant, France

9.45 p.m. Discussion with Günter Minas and Markus N. Beeko
From 10 p.m. jubilee party, Dance for Human Rights, with DJ deepthought
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