Quantum Leaps XV
Sat, September 29, 2012 – Sun, September 30, 2012, Festival

Twice a year the music festival Quantum Leaps that takes place at the ZKM | Karlsruhe presents works by the scholarship holders of the International Ensemble Modern Akademie (IEMA) Frankfurt, from the areas of modern and contemporary music.
On Saturday, a long concert evening will be held; the concert begins at around 7 p.m. in the Cube, the middle part is to be performed in the media theater, while the last part will again be presented in the Cube. The key works of the middle section of the concert evening are musical-theatrical works by Mauricio Kagel “Pas de cinq” (1965) and Samuel Beckett “Quad” (1981). Among others, in the concertante part in the Cube, there will be a premier performance of the piece by Martin Grütter for trumpet and percussion with electronics.
On September 30, compositions by Thomas Adès “Chamber Symphony” (1990) and by Luca Francesconi “Etymo for Soprano, Electronics and Ensemble” (2004) for a large ensemble will be performed. A new work for ensemble and electronics by Karlsruhe composer Birke Bertelsmeier will be performed for the first time.


September 29, 2012
7 p.m., ZKM_Cube and ZKM_Media Theater

Internationale Ensemble Modern Akademie – IEMA Ensemble
Long Concert Evening with two Intermissions
Mauricio Kagel: “Pas de cinq” (1965)
Samuel Beckett: “Quad” (1981)
Martin Grütter: “Heros of Feedback” (2012)* among others

September 30, 2012
8 p.m., ZKM_Cube

Internationale Ensemble Modern Akademie – IEMA Ensemble
Thomas Adès: “Chamber Symphony” (1990)*
Luca Francesconi: “Etymo for Soprano, Electronics and Ensemble” (2004)*
Birke Bertelsmeier: “New Work” (2012)* among others

*As part of the Ulysses network. This project is financed with the support of the European Commission.

Organization / Institution

Europäische Kommission