Luke Fowler and Richard Youngs
Fri, December 14, 2012 9.15 pm CET, Concert
Luke Fowler and Richard Youngs founded a collaborative music project produced only recently following Youngs’ contribution to Fowler‘s newest film “The Poor Stockinger” (2012), as well as the previous short film “Another Day In Gravity“ (2009). The duo distinguishes itself by way of its dedication to analog synthesis and the analog recording process in which they draw predominantly on improvisation and conceptual strategies. Fowler and Young are presently working on a 4-LP-Box, in which they research both their individual as well as their shared musical stories.

Richard Youngs is a British musician who operating as a solo artist as well as in cooperation with others, and who may point to a highly varied as well as successful output. He has been resident in Glasgow since the early 1990s. The list of his numerous publications begins with the album “Advent”, dating from 1990. While his main instrument is the guitar, he is also known for making use of a wide range of other instruments. In a review of his CD “Festival”, from 1996, the journal Melody Maker characterized him as the “grandmaster of contemporary British improvisation, spiritual son of Eddie Prevost and Maddy Prior; a gentle arranger of English “hymn-notics” and religious incantations; protégé, challenger and radicalizer of folk, blues, rock, minimalism and improvisation.”

Luke Fowler is resident and active in Glasgow as artist, filmmaker and musician. His filmic collage creations are often associated with the British Free Cinema movement of 1950s. With his documentary films he researches personalities of the counter culture, such as Scottish psychiatrist R.D. Laing and English composer Cornelius Cardew. Fowler was shortlisted for the Beck’s Futures Prize 2005. In 2008 he was awarded the Derek Jarman Prize. One year later, in 2009, a retrospective exhibition of his works was on show in the Serpentine Gallery. He was shortlisted for the Turner Prize for his exhibition at Inverleith House, Edinburgh.
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