DADA Paris − Berlin
A Movie Exploration about Movies by Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray and Hans Richter
Sat, June 15, 2013 7.30 pm CEST, Film Screening
During the 1920s, emerging from the international DADA movement in Paris und Berlin, also artistically adventurous experimental films were produced. Wolfgang Petroll presents the film exploration in the showing of, "Anémic Cinéma" (1926) by Marcel Duchamp, which distinguishes itself by a strong formal combination of word game and optical experiment: the film shows alternately 10 so-called rotoreliefs – animated drawings – and nine plates, on which senseless statements are written in French.
The film "Le Retour à la Raison" (1923) by Man Ray takes up random processes; it consists of animated text building blocks, Rayographies, and the torso of Kiki von Montparnasse (Alice Prin).
Hans Richter attempts to probe the fundamentals of the film movement in "Rhythmus 21" (1921), to then approach surrealism later with the "Vormittagsspuk [Morning haunt]" (1928): although still experimentalist and experimental, Richter makes the step to a narrative film type.

Information about "Traumfabrik – 117 Jahre deutsch-französische Filmbeziehungen [Dream factory – 117 years of German-French film relations]"
For the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Elysée Treaty, the organizers of "Traumfabrik" explore the cultural co-existence of France and Germany in film history. During the film screenings, not only German and French films will be shown, but also those that touch on German-French filmic relations in terms of content or that deal with some of its diverse aspects in terms of cultural-historical origins.
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