Urban Blind Date. Karlsruhe − Dortmund (Opening)
Wed, July 10, 2013 5 pm CEST, Opening
"Urban Blind Date" is the name of the joint project by ZKM | Museum Communication and the U2_Cultural Education at the Dortmunder U, which was created in collaboration with ninth-grade pupils of the Bismarck secondary school, Karlsruhe, and the Leibnitz secondary school, Dortmund.
The exhibition, scheduled to open on July 10, 2013, presents the results of the workshop of 35 pupils from the two cities. The common point of departure of the two works, were the favorite places of the pupils in their respective cities. They captured their own perceptions and identification with these places in the form of drawings, collages, texts and works of video. Through the interplay of the artistic reactions of an unknown counterpart from the other city, new surprising angles emerged of the unfamiliar and the familiar. In the workshop, this fascinating process is to be presented in the form of an exhibition showing the unexpected and interesting results of this mutual project.
The project is artistically accompanied by Fanny Kranz, Etta Gerdes and Alischa Leutner.
Organization / Institution
U2_Kulturelle Bildung im Dortmunder U − Zentrum für Kunst und Kreativität