The World(market)society
Film Night in the context of the 18th Karlsruhe Talks
Sat, February 15, 2014 7.30 pm CET, Film Screening

The cross-border trade with services and data is increasing, and human beings are becoming commodities. Market mechanisms continue to assert themselves, and the vision of a global society based on universal values is trampled underfoot − a mere illusion?

As part of the 18th Karlsruhe Talks, the film night goes in search of answers to the questions as to the chances and the risks that a »world(market)society« conceals.


Approximately 20 to 30 billion dollars are concealed in tax havens − an amount corresponding to two thirds of global debt. As a consequence of increasingly comprehensive tax dodging entire states are threatening to collapse: »Time Bomb Tax Dodge − When Will the System Collapse?«


Agricultural lands are considered the most profitable form of investments in the 21st century. The scramble for prime agricultural lands in underdeveloped countries is enormous − and these continue to be sold in spite of the famines acutely endangering native populations: »Third World sellout?«


Globalization has long-since reached the sickroom. Whereas, in former times, cosmetic surgery and dental treatment were offered in Far East, the lure is now high-tech medicine at affordable prices: »My Bypass from Bangkok − The Health Tourism Business«.


In 2002 Google began constructing a global library and entered into contract with the largest university libraries. Authors throughout the world subsequently began campaigning for their copyrights. »Google and the Power of Knowledge«: a film about the failed knowledge monopoly of the Internet giants.


7:30 pm
Time Bomb Tax Dodge – When will the System collapse?
Dokumentary Film by Xavier Harel and Rémy Burkel
ARTE France 2013
9:15 pm
Third World Sellout
Dokumenty Film by Alexis Marant
​ARTE France 2010
10:45 pm
My Bypass from Bangkok – The Health Tourism Business
Dokumentary by Wolfgang Luck
ARTE / ZDF 2009
11:45 pm
Midnight Snack
12:15 am
Google and Power of Knowledge
Dokumentary Ffilm by Ben Lewis
ARTE / ZDF 2013
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