Dimensionless Illusion
Black orthogonal ornaments spread over an entire room, which is painted white.
Thu, June 12, 2014 6 pm CEST, Lecture

Jerzy Olek has been developing his art project »The Dimensionless Illusion« since 1991. In his work, the theorist and artist deals with space in its diverse forms of appearance, with illusion and the representation of three-dimensional in two-dimensional space. His works invariably turns on the question of perception: What is it that we really see? What is illusion? What influences our vision and the formation of concepts?

He captures his subjective representations of space in drawings, photographs, reflections, graphics and computer print-outs. In the search for new dimensions, he creates objects, complex visual structures and installations, which he is scheduled to present to an interested public in a lecture.

Jerzy Olek is not only a theorist and artist, in which capacity he has contributed to numerous exhibitions, but is also author of books, such as »Moja droga do bezwymiaru« (2001), »Umożliwianie niemożliwemu« (2007) and »7 od/za/słon iluzji« (2013), and professor at the Academy of Art in Posen, and the University of Social Psychology, Breslau. Furthermore, as gallerist, he has been running a highly-respected gallery in Poland »Foto-Medium-Art«, since 1977.