Gianfranco Baruchello. Certain Ideas
Gianfranco Baruchello at the opening of the exhibition »Certain Ideas« at the ZKM.
Opening in the presence of the artist
Fri, October 31, 2014 7 pm CET, Opening

We cordially invite you and your friends to the opening of the exhibition »Gianfranco Baruchello« that presents works of the Italian multi media artist.

Once again, this time in the person of Baruchello, an artist is on show, who, though having given key impulses to present-day art, has nevertheless been neglected by the mainstream or otherwise forgotten. 

The exhibition, organized in collaboration with the Deichtorhallen Hamburg / Falckenberg Collection, provides an overview of more than a half a century of this artist’s ongoing productivity. It illustrates, furthermore, the great multidimensionality that is the hallmark of Baruchello’s work. Gianfranco Baruchello (*1924, Livorno) was part of the European avant-garde movement of the 1960s. Driven by his natural scientific inclinations, he searches for points of contact at the interface of art and man, life and matter. In the case of this artist, the fusion occurs across a broad range of media through to the foundation of a commune in the country modelled after Joseph Beuys’ idea of “social sculpture”. Over the decades, Baruchello has brought forth an extensive oeuvre ranging from pictures, sculptures, collages as well as films.