Best of Punto y Raya Festival
Logo of the Punto y Raya Festival 2014
Wed, December 10, 2014 6 pm CET, Film Screening

The Punto y Raya Festival is the only festival dedicated solely to abstract art in movement. At the ZKM »The Best of« from the festivals in 2014 and 2011 will be presented.

The festival explores the experimental expressive forms of animation, film production and live cinema by way of using pure form, color, movement and sound without direct presentation. They are thus universal and timeless. Since the first issue in in the year 2007, the festival has sought to transgress intercultural borders, and to bring people from throughout the world together under the slogan »back to the origins«.

The Films from 2014

Mark Cheung: »¡! (2012, Singapur)
Max Hattler: »Shift« (2012, London, UK), 3rdPlace
Aurora Gasull Altisent: »Sonades de la calor del foc« [Fire Heats Sonatas] (2010, Barcelona, Spain)
Bonnie Mitchell & Elainie Lillios: »Sweeping Memories« (2012, USA)
Thorsten Fleisch: »Energie!« (2007, Germany)
Johan Rijpma: »Primary Expansion« (2012, Netherlands)
Michel Gagné & Gheorghe Costinescu: »Synesthesia« (2013, USA)
Ion Lucin: »Spherikal« (2012, Bilbao, Spain), Audience Award
Morgan Beringer: »Abstraction 38« (2013, London, UK)
Bret Battey: »Clonal Colonies (1st Movement: Fast Runners)« (2011, Leicester, UK)
Steven Woloshen:  »Crossing Victoria« (2013, Montréal, Canada)
Betsy Kopmar: »Sumi Dreams« (2013, Berkeley, USA)
Keita Onishi: »Forest and Trees« (2011–2012, Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan)
Paul Rabe: »So far« (2013, Mulwaukee, USA)
Raven Kwok: »壹壹玖肆 狄« [1194d] (2013, New York, USA), 2nd Place
Matt Abbiss: »Forming + Untitled14« (2013, London, UK)
Arístides Job García Hernández:  »Harmophon« (2011, Germany)
Alexander Stewart & Lillie Carré:  »Crux Film« (2013, Chicaco, USA), 1st​ Place

The Films from 2011

Michel Gagné »Sensology«, 3rd Place
Candas Sisman »Lonitt«
Aaron Ross »Supercollider Dreamtime«
Benjamin Rowley »Op Hop«
Jane Cassidy »The Night After I Kicked It«, honorable mention
Lisi Prada »Neón. El fuego en las ciudades« [Neon. Fire in the cities], audience award
Sales Miragall Cebolla »Parallel 16«
Matthias Fitz »(commercial wallpaper«, honorable mention
Karolina Glusiec »p.e.r.f.o.r.m.a.n.c.e.«
Donald Craig »Midnight At Loch Ness«, honorable mention
Caleb Wood »Broken«
Christoph Eggener »Congruence«
John Osborne »Lines for Clarinet«, 2nd Place
Steven Woloshen »Visual Music for ten voices«, honorable mention
Bruno »ParadoX 2.0«
Ying Tan »Rain-Death Variations (Pisces)«
Konstantin Palyanov_Papa Bender »Chasma – m13«, 1st Place