FORMES – Paulo Ferreira-Lopes
Portrait Paulo Ferreira-Lopes
Interpreted by scholars of the International Ensemble Modern Academy
Thu, December 11, 2014 8 pm CET, Concert

Focus is placed on the electronic and instrumental works of Paulo Ferreira-Lopes. The five works are interpreted by scholars of the international ensemble Modern Akademie, and percussionists Nuno Aroso.
For the first piece »Changeless I and II«, produced in close collaboration with percussionist Nuno Arosos, Ferreira-Lopes worked out and cataloged several essential timbres for the timpani. In these works, the role of electronics concerns the processing, scaling and modulating of space and the perception thereof.

Characteristic for Paulo Ferreira-Lopes’ oeuvre is his avoidance of describing feelings or situations. And yet, in the work »deProfundis«, consisting of three melodies, the feelings characteristic of the work are, indeed, given expression.
At the focus of the concert evening is »FORMES«, which comprises part of a cycle of musical and media works in which the composer undertakes a critical examination of the Holocaust.

The pieces material is based on the architectonic structure of the monument for the murdered European Jews in Berlin. Finally, while in »Sotto Voce« no specific discourse is pursued, there is a moment of depth and reflection: with the cello and four audio-channels Paulo Ferreira-Lopes creates a total of five parallel universes with which the musical content of the instrumental score is extended with filters around the electronic process.


»Changeless I« (2011)for timpani and live electronics
»deProfundis« (2006)for violin and live electronics
»FORMES« (2012)for string quartet
»Sotto Voce« (2000)for cello and live electronics
»Changeless II« (2011)for timpani and live electronics