Produced at IMA
A man sits in front of a sound mixer
Sound Dome Concert with works by Thomas Ankersmit, Christoph Illing, Yannick Hofmann and the ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics
Sat, December 13, 2014 8 pm CET, Concert Series

The evening opens with a work by Dutch artist Thomas Ankersmit. This is to be followed by Christoph Illing’s »Brain Decompositions«, which mediates the spatial attributes of brain activities.
The composition by Thomas Ankersmith was developed for the analog Serge modular synthesizer as part of the ZKM project, in 2013. It includes the digital processing of sounds based on otoacoustic emissions, which are then first created in the ear of the listener himself. For »Brain Decompositions« by Christoph Illing, by way of »Independent Component Analysis« a process is used for the spatial separation of sound waves derived from the recording of 30 electrodes on the skull. The elements from which the electrical brain signal is composed are then reproduced through loudspeakers.

On the Concert Series Produced at IMA

A loose series of electroacoustic works developed at the ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics (ZKM | IMA) are presented in the series »Produced at IMA«. As a site of artistic research that actively accompanies and promotes productions, the ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics (ZKM | IMA) disposes over a very broad-ranging fund of works that were produced here in the studios of international artists of electroacoustic music. These were often works especially composed for the unique Sound Dome at the ZKM_Cube, or which exist in special Sound Dome versions. With »Produced at IMA«, the ZKM | IMA seeks to make visible and, above all, audible, its collaboration with artists.

Thomas Ankersmit

Musician and installation artist Thomas Ankersmit works, above all, with analog modular synthesizers, computers and alto saxophone both live as well as in the studio. Acoustic phenomena, such as sound reflection, infrasound and low-frequency vibrations, as well as otoacoustic emissions have constituted an integral aspect of his works since the early 2000s. Furthermore, typical of Ankersmit’s music is his intentional abuse of the equipment, as well as the use of feedback-sounds and signal disturbances, for the purposes of creating a dense, but nevertheless detail-rich sound network. Ankersmit initially focused almost exclusively on live performances and installation work. Publications of his work have existed since 2010.

Christoph Illing

Sound artist, programmer and composer of electronic and electroacoustic music, Christoph Illing, lives in Berlin where he runs the project studio »Sinous«. His current project entitled »Brain Decompositions«, was developed in collaboration with neuroscientist Titus von der Malsburg. These audified brain currents also form the basis for Illing’s work at the ZKM. In addition to completing a further sound installation of »Brain Decompositions« for exhibitions, Illing is member of the scientific committee of the xCoAx Conference for Media Art and Aesthetics in Porto.