GLOBALE: Your Word for Human Rights
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The Long Night of Reading at the ZKM
Sat, October 31, 2015 6 pm CET, Film Screening
At last year’s »Long Night of Reading«, amnesty international invited prominent citizens of Karlsruhe, actors from the Badisches Staatstheater, and other interested guests to speak out against racism. This year the readers are supporting human rights.
The event thus centers around a focal issue present in many forms throughout the duration of the GLOBALE – starting with Tribunal (June 19–21, 2015), a trial of the crimes against humanity that took place in the twentieth century, and continuing with the Writers for Freedom reading series and various film screenings, right through to the official naming of the ZKM_Forecourt as the »Square of Human Rights« – a place that, through its vicinity to the ZKM and the Office of the German Attorney General, unites art, culture, and justice; while also granting the citizens of Karlsruhe another public space specially devoted to fundamental and other human rights – supplementing the Square of Fundamental Rights,  dedicated in 2005.

Guests at the Long Night of Reading can look forward not only to an evening of literature, but also – like last year – to multi-faceted musical accompaniment. 
Organization / Institution
Amnesty International Karlsruhe