Night of the Retold Game in the ZKM | Karlsruhe
People at the Night of the Retold Game
Sun, October 11, 2015 6 pm – 9 pm CEST, Reading
With the »Night of the Retold Game«, the screen is absent and the fantasy begins! Lost your last life? Time ran out? Energy bar empty? Anyone who plays through the night for weeks on end to be faced with »game over« repeatedly really knows the drawbacks of digital life. The overpowering boss cannot simply be conquered with a flying carrot, the finely-tuned rocket car plummets incessantly into the last but one lava pit and the super proton laser is simply too weak for the meteorite shower because, fourteen levels back in a hidden secret passageway, you overlooked buying enough spirit...

But at some point, you achieve the decisive victory – or you finally throw your laptop at the wall in frustration. Ultimately, every pixel warrior leaves their dark, paternal cave enriched with exciting stories and impressive experiences – even if it’s only to notice the loss of all social contacts.
The stories of these games want to be told! Stories of failure and victory, of luck, intellect and timing, of love and justice. In ten-minute slots, several narrators will compete in retelling a computer game – be it the complete story or a tiny section. A colorful and unpredictable public will give the thumbs up or thumbs down – and select the winner at the end.
Interested competitors – from hacktivists to Trojans – can register at until 5th October 2015. On Friday 23rd October 2015, the German finale of the »Night of the Retold Game« will take place in Berlin. All finalists from the preliminary rounds, including the winner from the ZKM, will do the honors here again and will allow the public to experience the world of bits and bytes from a completely new perspective!