Tarantino’s surreal theatre of cruelty as post-modern pop culture
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A film exploratorium by Wolfgang Petroll with film quotes by Quentin Tarantino
Wed, 13.01.2016, 6 pm CET
Is Tarantino the post-modern great-grandson of surrealists? His film style, rich in citations, between Commedia dell’Arte and gore / splatter films, can be compared with images and texts from the surrealism setting, for example with Artaud’s »Theatre of Cruelty« or Buñuel’s experimental films. A multitude of points of comparison are found in the French »Documents« journal for art, archaeology and ethnography (1929/1930, edited by Georges Henri Rivière and Georges Bataille), in articles by Bataille, Michel Leiris, Carl Einstein, Marcel Mauss, Sergej Eisenstein, etc.
Parallels and differences become clear on the basis of film quotes from »Reservoir Dogs«, »Pulp Fiction«, »Kill Bill«, »Death Proof«, »Inglourious Basterds«, »Django Unchained«. This makes it possible to locate Tarantino in the network of an extensive cultural history and film history background and to develop additional levels of understanding.
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