Tarek Atoui: WITHIN
Two men with mallets stand at a table which has a round plate in the middle.
As part of the exhibition opening »New Sensorium«
Fri, March 04, 2016 8.30 pm CET, Performance
For his involvement in the exhibition »New Sensorium«, Tarek Atoui hosted a workshop with deaf and sign language interpreters from Karlsruhe in February 2016 to try out two new instruments with them, which were developed for the exhibition. The result of the workshop will then be presented at the exhibition opening.

By working together on the instruments, which appeal to both the hearing and deaf public, the aim is to convey to visitors from the perspective of deaf people how instruments and the sounds produced by them are perceived by the deaf community and how the instruments can be played in these circumstances.

Through music and interaction with an instrument, non-deaf people are confronted specifically with their own auditory and visual perception. But what happens if this interaction is conveyed through deaf people or through people, who use sign language instead of words? Will this communication open up new horizons of experience for non-deaf people as well? And how will the manner in which the instruments are played and the understanding of their sounds be influenced as a result?
Organization / Institution
ZKM | Karlsruhe