Six dancers during their performance
Dance performance by choreograph Anna Konjetzky with six dancers. Music: Brigitta Muntendorf
Sat, April 22, 2017 8 pm CEST, Performance

In »wah-wah«, Anna Konjetzky allows the public to take a look at six dancers as if through a microscope. A kaleidoscope of physical states, of constellations open up to the observer. As if in a chemical reaction, the bodies unite, pulsate together, repel each other, separate and orbit each other, are drawn together again.

»Wah-wah« begins almost amorphously: The dancers a swarm that seems to follow a non-determinable but intrinsic order, an unconscious or preconscious impulse, which triggers continuous chain reactions and fluidly produces ever new configurations of bodies among one another. Until the swarm collapses into its individual components, causing solos and duets to occur. Irritations emerge, bodies block each other, attract one another, repel each other, take over the repertoire of motion of their counterpart, lean towards each other, exhaust each other, in order to reform a shared rhythm, an energy-charged, connecting entity, which increasingly intensifies. The happenings on the stage resemble the principle of a black hole, which sets everything in motion at its edges, in order ultimately to absorb it, to unite and to produce an even higher density – layer by layer, loop by loop.

Organization / Institution
ZKM | Karlsruhe

A co-production with the Munich Kammerspiele, subsidised by the Department of Arts and Culture of the city of Munich. Within the context of a project by Goethe-Institut: »Interdisciplinary Laboratory for New Music, Contemporary Dance, Theater and New Media«

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