Paik’s Virtual Archive
Bookcover »Paik's Virtual Archive
Book presentation by Dr. Hanna Hölling
Fri, September 15, 2017 6 pm CEST, Reading

Dr Hanna Hölling, lecturer in the History of Art and Material Studies at the University College London, will present her book »Paik's Virtual Archive« at ZKM on September 15, 2017. 

In »Paik’s Virtual Archive, Hölling contemplates the identity of multimedia artworks by reconsidering the role of conservation in our understanding of what the artwork is and how it functions within and beyond a specific historical moment. In Hölling’s discussion of works by Nam June Paik (1932–2006), the hugely influential Korean American artist who is considered the progenitor of video art, she explores the relation between the artworks’ concept and material, theories of musical performance and performativity, and the Bergsonian concept of duration, as well as the parts these elements play in the conceptualization of multimedia artworks.

Holling combines her astute assessment of artistic technologies with ideas from art theory, philosophy, and aesthetics to probe questions related to materials and materiality, not just in Paik’s work but in contemporary art in general. Ultimately, she proposes that the archive—the physical and virtual realm that encompasses all that is known about an artwork—is the foundation for the identity and continuity of every work of art.

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