Defensive IT Security – Encountering threats of the cyber space
Schriftzug Wehrhafte IT-Sicherheit: Cyberwehr-Gipfel in Karlsruhe über dem Gebäude des ZKM.
Wed, October 11, 2017 6.30 pm CEST

On Wednesday, October 11, 2017, the Economic Affairs Council, the Cyber forum and the Wirtschaftsjunioren of Karlsruhe will be hosting a conference on defensive IT security at ZKM. 

To respond to risks and problems arising as a result of information technology – »IT« for short – companies, citizens and the state must be on the defence and capable of action. Because on the one hand, electronic information and data processing is accompanied by rapid economic developments and opportunities, but at the same time, there are as yet unknown questions. An attack, like that of the »Wanna-Cry« virus highlights the weaknesses of new technology. 

For this reason, the intention is to create »Cyber Defence«, which can intervene in IT emergencies in a similar way to the fire brigade. 

The event also highlights the significance of the »IT hotspot« of Karlsruhe: With a think tank like the KIT, a network like the Cyberforum, a cultural innovator like the ZKM, hundreds of IT companies and the highest German courts, Karlsruhe offers an eco-system which has rightly come to be synonymous with digitalization. 

Organization / Institution
Wirtschaftsrat, Cyberforum e.V., Wirtschaftsjunioren Karlsruhe

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