The Illegal Film
The film poster shows an eye, consisting of many little pictures
I am not able to see the world for of all the pictures
Thu, April 11, 2019 7 pm CEST, Film Screening

Cameras replace our eyes. In a single day we take more photos than in the entire 20th century. Our world is transformed into its own reflection. What do we do with these images? What do these pictures do to us? »The Illegal Film« shows how quickly and profoundly our handling of images is changing.


Humanity films and photographs itself as never before. Two billion pictures are uploaded to the networks every day - and this number is still growing.

Which images can we see and how is access to them regulated? How will this affect our relationships? How will new technologies shape our view of the world? How will we move in a world where »reality« and »image« can no longer be distinguished?

Since the beginning of man, we have used images to form an understanding of the world. How do we deal with it when the world and its image merge?

»The illegal film« reveals the problems of dealing with all the images that surround us: Who owns a sight? Who is allowed to depict what and whom? Who is allowed to see the pictures? Who is allowed to show them?

The screening will be followed by an interview with Martin Baer (director), Peter Weibel (ZKM), Prof. Dr. iur. Thomas Dreier, Head of the Center for Applied Law at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and Joachim Kurz (program coordinator Kinemathek Karlsruhe). Christoph Ott from nfp (Film Distribution) will give a greeting at the beginning of the event.

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