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A Documentary by Gerd Conradt

Wed, July 24, 2019 7:00 pm CEST

© Gerd Conradt

»FACE IT« portrays the coding of the face, which as a modern fingerprint, like a mysterious seal, provides access to the personality of every human being. 

The film reports on a »pilot project« for digital face recognition at Berlin-Südkreuz train station, explains the popular »Facial Action Coding System« (FACS) by American psychologist Paul Ekman, and confronts its protagonists with video clips in which the face has become a work of art. On the »Tactile Model of Nefertiti« a blind man encounters »the most beautiful face in the world« and one of the most powerful women of antiquity.

The film asks: Who owns the face that has become a numerical code? 
Dorothee Bär, the Minister of State for Digitization, offers insights into her thinking. 



Dorothee Bär (Minister of State for Digitization) / Julius von Bismarck (Artist) / Holger Kunzmann (Head of Paul Ekman Training Germany) / padeluun (Artist, Board Member Digitalcourage e.V.) / Peter Weibel (Artist, Curator, Theorist, artistic-scientific Chairman ZKM) / Sigrid Weigel (Literature and Cultural Studies). 

On the Tactile Model of Nefertiti

Olaf Garbow (Music Therapist, Masseur), Friederike Seyfried (Egyptologist, Director Egyptian Museum Berlin)

Art Films

Wir sind Daten Peter Weibel, Hotel Morphila Orchester, 2013 / Tritität Peter Weibel, 1974/1975 / Sunstone Ed Emshwiller, 1979  / Consumer Art Natalia LL, 1974 / Fühlometer Julius von Bismarck, 2008 / Deutschland Knut Hoffmeister, 1980

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