The Artist in the Machine: The World of AI-Powered Creativity
Book cover »Artist in the Machine« by Arthur Miller
Lecture by Arthur Miller
Thu, December 05, 2019 7 pm CET, Lecture

Today machines have already shown glimpses of creativity in art, literature and music. As AI develops, completely new forms of the arts, currently unimaginable, are bound to emerge. Arthur Miller is curator, professor and author, in his work he explores this beautiful new world.

Will computers be creators like us and even go beyond us? Will we have to rethink concepts like »art« and »creativity« and, if so, how?

Arthur I. Miller is fascinated by the nature of creative thinking. He has published many critically acclaimed books, including »Insights of Genius«, »Einstein, Picasso«, »Empire of the Stars« and »137« and writes for the Guardian, The New York Times and Wired. He is professor emeritus of history and philosophy of science at University College London. An experienced broadcaster and lecturer, he has curated exhibitions on art/science and writes engagingly about complex social and intellectual dramas, weaving the personal with the scientific to produce thoroughly-researched works that read like novels.

His previous book, »Colliding Worlds: How Cutting-Edge Science is Redefining Contemporary Art« tells the story of how art, science and technology are fusing in the twenty-first century. The narrative of »The Artist in the Machine: The World of AI-Powered Creativity« spins off the hundred-odd interviews he did with scientists on the cutting-edge of AI-created art, literature and music. This book brings together and extends his work of over three decades on creativity in humans and creativity in machines. It is a tour of creativity in the age of machines. Moreover it is not a dystopian account – rather it celebrates the creative possibilities of AI in the arts.

Please note: The lecture will be held in English.

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