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Thu, July 23, 2020 9:30 am – Sat, July 25, 2020 4:00 pm CEST

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»Future Design« is a worldwide unique and radical approach that aims at critically reflecting upon our current state of knowledge and possible future scenarios: With this years BEYOND SYMPOSIUM: FUTURE DESIGN we desire to awaken the »Future Designer« within everyone, to open doors that appear unimaginable to open at this moment.

Join us from July 23 - 26, 2020, when we present to you in our online symposium the triad of science, art and Technology. Three days with six different hot Topic talks, streamed live through a brand-new platform with advanced audience interaction: 

Sm(ART – On how to balance artistic, creative and natural factors within AI

AI for good – On how to solve societies biggest problems in the next 10 years with the help of AI

Green New Deal(s) – On the unprecedented task of putting our society on new foundations to protect the climate and our future

Designing From Emerging Futures – On the solution oriented practice of “future design”

New Narratives For The 21st Century – On designing new narratives for the political futures and beyond

Artists for the Future – On the climate art movement and its role in catalyzing cultural, spiritual and societal evolution

Experts from the arts, sciences, economies and politics as well as thinkers, hackers, »Millenials« and »Digital Natives« from around the globe will be involved in the different talks during our online symposium.

We can shape a new, sustainable future together. We think BEYOND.

The symposium will be translated live into several languages using the artificial intelligence »Lecture Translator« developed at KIT. 

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Beyond Festival


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