Mein Algorithmus und Ich
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Daniel Kehlmann in conversation with Raphaela Edelbauer, Hansgeorg Schmidt-Bergmann, Michael Resch and Peter Weibel
Fri, 21.05.2021, 7 pm CEST
Language: German

We hear a lot about artificial intelligence and its dangers, but what does it actually feel like to deal with a high-tech program? What do you experience, and what can be learned from it? 

In February 2020, Daniel Kehlmann traveled from New York to Silicon Valley, where he was invited to write a short story together with an artificial intelligence. In »Mein Algorithmus und Ich« (My Algorithm and I), he tells of this journey and of his experimental »collaboration« with the algorithm. Reason enough to share about it at ZKM and to explore the literary, philosophical, technical and also entertaining sides of the project in a conversation with ZKM CEO Peter Weibel, Karlsruhe literature scholar Hansgeorg Schmidt-Bergmann, the director of the High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart Michael Resch and the young Viennese author Raphaela Edelbauer.

The event will be held in German.

»Mein Algorithmus und Ich« | Daniel Kehlmann im Gespräch mit Raphaela Edelbauer, Hansgeorg Schmidt-Bergmann, Michael Resch und Peter Weibel

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