»… Andrei!« (Homage à Andrei Tarkovsky)
On the left side there is a man standing in front of a sea. On the right, the image is heavily overexposed.
Radio play based on texts by Andrei Tarkovsky
Wed, March 29, 2023 7.30 pm CEST, Radio Play

Film director Andrei Tarkovsky is known to a worldwide audience primarily for his poetic cinematography. His films have won international awards and are part of the artistic canon and the legacy of humanity. Less well known are his records: »Sculpting in Time« and the diaries »Time Within Time« are – along with countless interviews – unique in their unsparing portrayal of human doubts and suffering and in their unconditional will to create, and are among the few poetic writings that stand the test of time.

The radio piece »... Andrei!« approaches cautiously, condenses and rearranges them into fresh contexts in order to make the idea of universality in the search for independence and artistic-poetic integrity, which is only created through individual suffering, tangible as spirituality.

The running time of the piece is 42:35 minutes.

Project team

Voice: Wolfgang Michael
Voice recording and sound engineering: Studio H2, Berlin
Mastering: Ronald Steckel/nootheater, Berlin
Manuscript, production and direction: Andreas Brehmer 2023