21st Goulash Programming Night
A large hall is filled with people and illuminated in pink
Thu, June 08, 2023 – Sun, June 11, 2023, Open Lab

Hacking, programming, lectures, workshops - and of course goulash: From June 8-11, 2023, Entropia e.V. - Chaos Computer Club (CCC) Karlsruhe, HfG and ZKM | Karlsruhe invite again to the Goulash Programming Night.


The Goulash Programming Night (short: GPN) is a four-day congress for hackers, technology enthusiasts and interested laymen, which is organized annually by Entropia e.V. (CCC Karlsruhe). Founded in 2002 by Karlsruhe computer science students, the GPN has developed into one of Europe's largest meetings of the hacker scene. The GPN is not only aimed at digital natives or nerds, but at all interested parties. In addition to joint programming, tinkering and creative work and challenging technical presentations, the lecture program also includes beginner-friendly or humorous contributions as well as workshops and panel discussions on technical, political and social topics.

The name is to be taken quite literally - volunteers cook large quantities of goulash for all participants:inside, so that the guests can strengthen themselves to follow the lectures or go to the Hackcenter for programming. Admission to the event is free, but registration is requested.

In cooperation with
Entropia e.V. and Chaos Computer Club (CCC) Karlsruhe