Jazzfestival 2023
Three colorful frames on an almond brown background, in the middle of which is written in jagged letters »jazz festival '23 Karlsruhe«.
Sat, October 21, 2023 7 pm CEST, Festival

Since 2014, the Jazzclub Karlsruhe has already celebrated the Jazz Festival at the ZKM. But this year is a special one. Because in 2023, the Jazzclub will open its very own venue in the Kaiserpassage. However, the cooperation with the ZKM | Karlsruhe will of course continue. In 2023, the jazz musicians will return to the premises of the Center for Art and Media to present jazz in all its facets - diverse, contradictory, innovative, earthy, furious and at the highest artistic level.

Experiencing the musicians in the futuristic coolness of the ZKM | Karlsruhe and in the warm atmosphere of the new jazz club - together this results in that concert spectacle, that extraordinary live experience, which reaches a wider and growing audience every year: the Jazz Festival Karlsruhe.


7:00 pm                                      Black and Blue DuoZKM Foyer
8:00 pmSimon Oslender KINDRED SPIRITS feat. Benjamin Herman, Claus Fischer & Jérôme CardynaalsZKM Media Theater
8.30 pmSarah Lipfert – Daniele Aprile DuoZKM Foyer
9:00 pmWeaversZKM Kubus
10.30 pmPartikelZKM Media Theater

On Thursday, 19.10. and on Friday, 20.10. the Jazz Festival will take place at the Jazzclub (Kaiserpassage) at 8:00 pm each day.