Ways into the Open: Science – Art – Religion
You can see a ceiling-high, wide net made of ropes. Two people are standing next to it, one on the left and one on the right.
Ecumenical service at the ZKM in the exhibition »Renaissance 3.0«
Sun, October 22, 2023 6.30 pm CEST, Guided Tour
Atrium 1+2, Ground Floor
Language: German

An extraordinary ecumenical service will take place at the ZKM, in the last exhibition curated by Peter Weibel, entitled »Renaissance 3.0«. The exhibition sees itself as a "base camp for new alliances of art and science." The aim is to draw attention to the ever closer relationship between art and science in current developments. 

This can be seen particularly clearly in the role of algorithms and their role in self-learning systems, which have also found their way into art. What role does the creativity of the artists' personality play in this context? How can religion come into it? These are the questions the church service wants to explore. 

The planning group, consisting of ZKM employees and church members, has chosen the theme »Ways into the Open: Science – Art – Religion«. Insights from the biblical God's view of wisdom could build bridges that lead to new mutual stimuli between current trends in art and developments in religion.

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