László Zsolt Bordos: MEMORIES

László Zsolt Bordos, MEMORIES, 2018
A projection within the »SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE«

László Zsolt Bordos' first show »REVERB«, which he developed for »SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE 2015«, is still remembered by the Karlsruhe audience through the almost hypnotic picture-sound worlds. For his new show »MEMORIES«, the 3D artist creates an imaginary storage space where the artist's personal memories are stored.

László Zsolt Bordos, MEMORIES, 2018
László Zsolt Bordos, MEMORIES, 2018
© László Zsolt Bordos

Using data visualizations, glitches and data mosh, Bordos links these real memories to his idea of how these memories are stored:

»I imagine that the location for our memories is a fragile place. Some memories are lost forever because we forget. Glitches, for example, are a perfect way to visualize our forgotten memories, as the title suggests.«

László Zsolt Bordos

With »MEMORIES«, László Zsolt Bordos succeeds in visualizing our memory artistically. Neuroscience promises: In the future, computer models will be able to completely reconstruct our memories.

László Zsolt Bordos, also known as »Bordos ArtWorks«, is an artist living in Budapest, Hungary. He studied at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest, and at the MediaLab UIAH (University of Art and Design) in Helsinki.