Let's Play

School Workshop

Close-up: Someone is using an artistic app with two fingers. In the background there are other tablets with different artistic apps.

Book a workshop for school classes on a date of your choice.

From grade 7 onwards, Duration: 3 hours, max. 10 participants, Costs: 158 € + 1,50 € admission/participant, Language: German

In the past decade, computer games have experienced an enormous increase in importance. The exhibition »zkm_gameplay. the next level« traces these developments. It presents the game as an independent medium with its meanwhile enormous cultural influence.

»Let's Play« videos – the recorded and online presentation and accompanying commentary of a (computer) game – have meanwhile become a major trend among gamers and an integral part of video game culture. In small groups, students will develop, perform and expand their own »Let's Play« videos.

In line with educational programs of all types of schools in the subjects of fine arts and computer science.


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You can call us Tuesdays from 1 pm–6 pm as well as Thursdays from 9 am–1 pm.

Please register yourself and your group at least 7 days ahead of your desired date.

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