Maxin10sity: I'MMORTAL

Maxin10sity mit I'MMORTAL [Unsterblich / Ich bin sterblich]
A projection within the »SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE«

The Hungarian artist group »Maxin10sity«, which was celebrated by the Karlsruhe audience in 2015, 2016 and 2017, presents their new work »I'MMORTAL« [Immortal / I am mortal].

Maxin10sity mit I'MMORTAL [Unsterblich / Ich bin sterblich]
Maxin10sity with »I'MMORTAL« [Unsterblich / Ich bin sterblich]
© Maxin10sity

»Maxin10sity« are cooperating for the new show with the acrobats of the Recirquel Company from Budapest. The company takes on various roles, including the role of Asheem, a circus artist who achieves immortality after a fall. Acrobatic elements from the contemporary circus repertoire and mapping complement each other to create a new visual genre.

»We believe that the story of Asheem opens a new level of projection mapping«.


Maxin10sity is a Hungarian artist collective that was already represented in the last three editions of the SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE. In the past, the group has realized projection mappings for the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, the Brandenburg Gate and the Parliament building in Bucharest.