Nature 150


A visualization of a network is shown. The edges of the network are colored in different colors.

Unveiling the hidden links between disciplines


data-driven analysis

»Nature« publication

reference system


150 Years of Nature | video commentary by Albert-László Barabási

In 2019 Albert-László Barabási was commissioned to design the cover for the 150th anniversary issue of the renowned science magazine »Nature«. For this the BarabásiLab mapped out the network of citations for all 88,000 articles »Nature« had published since 1900. On the map, two papers are linked if scientific publications have cited both of them, capturing the largely hidden perception of connectedness in the eye of the scientific community. As the colors mark different disciplines, the network reveals the highly multidisciplinary scope of the journal and illuminates how various disciplines relate to each other.

Albert-László Barabási, Alexander Gates, Qing Ke, Mauro Martino, Onur Varol, »150 Years of Nature«, 2019

The original plan for »Nature 150« as a single cover image turned into a multimedia project. Alongside the foldout cover showing the co-citation network, a three-page image was created illustrating the impact of several iconic »Nature« publications. The graphics gathered in this exhibition section show »process« images created during the research and production work.