Network of Initiatives

participating in the exhibition »Critical Zones«

The Logos of the initiatives participating in the ZKM exhibition »Critical Zones«.

Analyzing soil samples from a meadow orchard, getting to know initiatives such as NABU, Scientists 4 Future or the OK Lab, or working together with media artists: The Network of Initiatives invites a diverse exchange of knowledge on the question of how we can live together on and with the Earth in a sustainable manner.

The Network of Initiatives expands institutional knowledge by adding the diverse voices of local associations, organizations, and initiatives that are experts in their fields and have been committed for years. As a cultural institution of the twenty-first century, it is the ZKM’s task to strengthen museum visitors and their community, to be a place for exchanging and acquiring knowledge, and trying out new forms of cooperation. The idea of a platform and assembly makes it possible to create new connections and synergies: the art audience learns about and participates in the activities of local initiatives and the initiatives can experience an art exhibition as a place of engagement. This creates new perspectives on urgent matters.

Together with this unique network, we would like to open up a collaborative exchange of knowledge with free workshops, excursions, and discussions, for and with a broad public.

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