Kopf Über 2014/2015

As part of »Kopf Über 2014/15«, a group of young people from the Gutenbergschule in Karlsruhe had the opportunity to find out about the ZKM, its museum operations and the procedures connected with this from the point of view of the centers employees. The exhibitions and, above all, their design and arrangement, were the constant focus of reflections. Why do the invigilators always wear black? What is behind all the doors and technology boxes? Why isn’t there a sofa to sprawl on? And what do computer games have to do with a museum?

Questions such as these were researched and explored together. Building on this, a design concept for an individual exhibition vehicle could then be developed with the participants, which was then arranged with their own content. The creative discussion took place using media and craft techniques, such as furniture and textile design, drawings, interior design, through to photography and video.

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