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As part of the »on-the-fly« project, the call will award 3 grants to develop research projects involving live coding practices.

»on-the-fly« is a Creative Europe project committed to support the development of the European live coding practice. It is a partnership between Hangar, ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory and Creative Coding Utrecht.

Live coding is a performing art and a creative technique focused on writing and modifying algorithms in real-time, often in the presence of a physical or virtual audience in such a way, that the person writing the algorithms becomes part of the algorithm itself. This is, live coding explores real-time writing of algorithms with creative intentions. The process is shown to the public, thus giving insights on the performer's mind. Live coding is mainly used to create sound, music, and visuals, but there are examples exploring fields such as poetry, robotics or dance. By its characteristics, live coding engages with diverse unexplored and novel areas in the creative sector (e.g human–computer interaction and programming language design) rendering the practice an ideal platform for both artistic and digital experiments. Following the spirit of the live coding community, on-thefly project engages with the free culture movement, promotes self-creativity rather than cultural consumption, as well as inclusion and respect.

Live coding activities have many layers and composer-programmers have spent extensive hours designing, understanding, or extending numerous languages or libraries before performing. In addition, reflecting on live coding nature and possibilities contextualizes and restricts the possible paths to follow. This is an essential process as the possibilities would otherwise be infinite. For these reasons, the »on-the-fly« project has both a space for performances and a space for research. In the research space we can develop live coding programs or libraries, discuss, explore, identify, reflect on and imagine creative directions in the live coding practice.

About the Project: On-the-Fly

The call 

This call will award 3 grants to develop research projects involving live coding practices. The residencies will be hosted by one of the partner institutions: Hangar, ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory.

Possible topics (but not limited to) 

Live coding performance, live coding composition, live coding embodiment, online live coding, live coding collaboration, live coding improvisation, live coding process, perception of live coding, live coding game, esoteric live coding, live coding and artificial intelligence, live coding and machine learning, live coding and body, live coding and dance, live coding and autonomous agents, live coding and tangibility, live coding and digital communities, live coding and domain specific languages, live coding and virtual reality, live coding and electronic DIY, live coding and gesture...

The residency offers

  • Researcher fee
  • Subsistence costs
  • Roundtrip travel costs
  • Production costs
  • Access to facilities and equipment, peer to peer mentoring.

More details on the material conditions of the residency can be found in the attached PDF.

Information about the application

Who can apply?

Researchers, developers and members of collectives of all ages (over 18 years old) and nationalities working in the field of live coding.

»on-the-fly« gives an opportunity to develop research projects centered on live coding practices working in Barcelona, Karlsruhe, or Ljubljana. The residence has the aim to give the resources, facilities, and materials to develop live coding hands-on projects. Residents are expected to present the results in a public presentation at the end of their stay, also to document their projects and share them with the community.

Please note that the budget is adjusted to the cost of travel within the European Union. If the amount of your travel is higher than indicated, you should cover the remaining amount or look for other financing possibilities, for example travel grants. Also note that the fees and budgets do not increase if more than one person participates.


Each residency will last from 3 weeks to 1 month. The time-periods will depend on the needs of the project as well as the place where they are carried out.

  • Hangar: one-month residency (November to December 2021)
  • ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe: one-month residency (January to March 2022)
  • Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory: three-weeks residency (March to May 2022)

Deadline for submission of applications: September 10th 2021 at 11:55pm CEST.
Results of the selection process: 24th of September 2021 
The partners will undergo interviews with pre-selected and results of the open call for residency.

Coronavirus continues to pose a major global risk to travel safety. Because of the pandemic, rapid and unpredictable changes are still possible. »on-the-fly« consortium will put in place all the measures needed to ensure safety for the residents. Nevertheless, dates might change and formats might be adapted.

How to apply?

Candidates must submit their proposals through this APPLICATION FORM.

Please send information/questions to:

For more details concerning the proposal see the ATTACHED PDF.