Andreas Hetzel


Andreas Hetzel is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Hildesheim (Germany). His widespread research interests include social and political philosophy, aesthetics and philosophy of literature, cultural theory, environmental ethics, pragmatism, and classical rhetoric. He currently focuses on the philosophical relevance of rhetorical concepts of speech and on the ethics of biodiversity. Recently, Hetzel has started to write about film as well.

Previously he was Professor at Fatih University (Istanbul), Interim Professor at the University of Magdeburg (Germany), visiting Professor in Vienna (Austria), and Private Lecturer in Darmstadt (Germany). He studied philosophy and German literature in Münster and Frankfurt/M. (Germany) and got his Ph.D. (1999) and his habilitation (2009) at the University of Darmstadt. He published a book on culture as praxis (»Zwischen Poiesis und Praxis. Elemente einer kritischen Theorie der Kultur« [Between poiesis and praxis. Elements of a critical theory of culture], 2001) and a book on language between classical rhetoric and modern pragmatics (»Die Wirksamkeit der Rede. Zur Aktualität klassischer Rhetorik für die moderne Sprachphilosophie«, 2011).