Anton Vidokle

Year of birth, place
1965, Moscow, Russian Federation
lives and works in
Berlin, Germany

»unitednationsplaza« is Vidokle’s current project in Berlin: an art institute, which is designed as an independent university, as a school as well an exhibition and thus has a radical level of openness. In cooperation with approx. 60 artists, public events, publications, symposiums etc are developed with reference to contemporary art, politics and critical theory. Additional, more recently developed projects by Anton Vidokle include the »Martha Rosler Library« and the »e-flux video rentals«. Each of them works by "direct" dissemination and initial contact with the public, which is often problematic for the institutions due to their obligation to also "protect" the works that they present from the public. Hila Peleg’s video work »The Crime of Art« (2007) was developed on the basis of Anton Vidokle’s and Tirdad Zolgdhar’s »The Trial« at the International Contemporary Art Experts Forum at the ARCO in Madrid.