Cyrus Clarke

In the picture you can see the designer and artist Cyrus Clarke. He wears his black long hair in a bun and looks slightly down to the right.

Cyrus Clarke is an artist, designer and co-founder of Grow Your Own Cloud; an organization exploring the future of DNA data storage. He works closely with scientists and emerging technologies such as synthetic biology, blockchain and machine learning. Through the creation of artistic pieces ranging from film, mixed-media installations, and immersive experiences, he creates futures where living systems and technology combine to enhance value, equity, and regenerate the environment. His creative works have been exhibited internationally, most notably Bozar Brussels, Telefonica Foundation Madrid, SXSW, and Ars Electronica. He is grateful to be the recipient of international awards including Falling Walls Breakthrough of the Year 2022, EU Starts Prize 2021 (honourable mention), and the UN Summer of Solutions 2020.