Darel D. Eschbach

Year of birth, place
1940, Toledo, Ohio, United States
Darel Eschbach studied mechanical engineering at the University of Toledo (1959–1963, B.S.) and engineering science at the University of Toledo (1964–1967, M.S.). 1963–1976 worked for the University of Toledo. 1976–2004 worked for the Arizona State University. Since 2004 works for Arizona Board of Regents. He lives in Tempe, AZ, USA.
Exhib.: 1967, »Computer Art«, Stable Gallery, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. 1968, »Cybernetic Serendipity«, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London.
Lit.: D. E., “Annual Computer Art Contest,” in: »Computers and Automation«, August 1967, pp. 8–21.