Dunja Donassy-Bonačić

Year of birth, place
Zagreb, Croatia

The architect and artist Dunja Donassy-Bonačić studied architecture and urban planning at the University of Zagreb. In 1971 she founded together with Vladimir Bonačić and Miro A. Cimerman founded the »bcd« (later: »bcd CyberneticArt team«). In 1972, she moved with Bonačić and Cimerman to Jerusalem, where she first worked as an assistant at the Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design in the Department of Industrial & Environmental Design. In the same year, »bcd« initiated the international »Jerusalem Program in Art and Science« at the Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design in cooperation with UNESCO. After a brief return to Croatia in 1978, she moved to Germany in 1979. Starting in 1980, together with Bonačić and Cimerman, she developed innovative forms of computer-based information visualization for German television.

Dunja Donassy-Bonačić works in the field of cybernetic art (graphics, sculptures, installations) and pursues the concept of a balance between science, information technology and art. She also applied principles of cybernetic art in the development of computer-based designs for communication and opinion research in public media.