Fabrizio Poltronieri

Fabrizio Poltronieri is a researcher, computer developer and artist who has participated in many group and solo exhibitions. He has edited books and has several articles published concerning Brazilian Art, the relationship between Art and Games and about the philosopher Vilém Flusser. He holds a PhD in Semiotics from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC/SP), São Paulo, Brazil, with a thesis about the role of chance in computer art. In 2005, he carried out Post-Doctoral research on how Flusser’s concept of post-history affects the production of signs mediated by computational apparatuses. He is also the co-curator of the exhibition »Primary Codes«, that brought the work of the pioneer artists Ernest Edmonds, Frieder Nake, Harold Cohen and Paul Brown to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2015. The exhibition spanned more than 50 years of computer art.

[Last update: September 2015]