Groupe Art et Informatique de Vincennes (GAIV)

founded in, place
1969, Vincennes, France
Groupe Art et Informatique de Vincennes (GAIV) was founded in 1969 at the UER Informatics, University of Vincennes, now University of Paris VIII. Founding members were Hervé Huitric, Jean-Claude Halgand, Francine and Jacques Dupré, Jacques Arveiller, and Patrick Greussay. They were joined by Jean-Claude Marquette, Monique Nahas, Pierre-Louis Neumann, and later by Michel Bret, Gilbert Dalmasso, and Louis Audoire. From 1971 publication of the magazine »ArtInfo-MusInfo«.
Exhib.: 1971, exhib. accompanying the colloquy “Umjetnost i kompjuteri 71 / Art and Computers 71,” Zagreb. 1972, »Groupe Art et Informatique de Vincennes«, Galerie Weiller, Paris.
Lit.: »ArtInfo-MusInfo«, nos. 11–17, 1971–1973.