Igor Zabel

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Born in Ljubljana (Slovenia), Igor Zabel is a free-lance curator and art critic. He studied comparative literature, art history, and philosophy at the University of Ljubljana and subsequently organized as curator numerous exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art in Ljubljana presenting artists from Slovenia and abroad. In 2003 he worked as a curator for the Venice Biennale. His research focuses chiefly on post-communist literature and art in eastern and central Europe. He has published two collections of essays on art in Slovenia since 1945 and several articles in catalogues and magazines, such as »Art Journal« and »Moscow Art Magazine«. Especially his essays »Connected Cities« (1999), »L’autre moitié de l’Europe« [The Other Half of Europe] (2000), and »Primary Documents: A Primer of Critical Writing on Critical Art in Eastern Central Europe« (2002) have received great attention.