Malgorzata Plysa

portrait of Małgorzata Płysa
At the ZKM
  • 2023

Since 2007, Małgorzata Płysa has been the co-director and curator of Unsound Festival - an international festival of electronic experimental music and art established in 2003.The main event of the festival takes place in Krakow, Poland. In addition, there are satellite events in Warsaw, New York, Toronto, Adelaide, London and many other cities. Unsound is known for its interdisciplinary approach – fostering new collaborations and commissions of upcoming and innovative artists. Since 2013, Płysa has also been co-director of Unsound Productions, a creative agency that develops new artistic projects, organizes events, represents and manages artists. Since 2007, she is also a head of the non-profit NGO Tone Foundation where she is involved in networking activities such as co-founding the festival network ICAS/ECAS and participating in the platform SHAPE as well as in the We Are Europe network. In addition, she is an artistic co-director of Ephemera Warsaw Arts Festival since 2020.

In her work, she focuses on finding innovative ways of artistic expression. She achieves this by fostering collaborative projects in music, sound and contemporary art or dance, access to arts education and international exchange of ideas and experiences amplifying intersectional diversity in culture. Her interests are in contemporary music, art, technology and research in synaesthesia.