Malitzin Cortés

You can see Malitzin Cortés and Iván Abreu
Role at the ZKM
Guest Artist

Malitzin Cortés (CNDSD) is a musician, live coder and a creative technologist. Her work includes live coding, live cinema, installation, Virtual Reality, creative coding, sound design, experimental music and sound art. In 2020 she received the Latin American Prize for Virtual Reality »Realmix« with the immersive piece »Hyper_D«.

She currently teaches the live coding workshop with functional programming, Tidal Cycles, on the education platform of the CMMAS.She has held live events and exhibitions at the Multimedia Center, Alameda Art Laboratory, Ex-Teresa Actual Art, Digital Cultural Center, Medialab Prado, Spain Cultural Center, CMMAS, Vorspiel, Spektrum Berlin, Transpiksel, Aural, Transmediale Berlin, ISEA , CYLAND MediaArtLab Saint Petersburg, ADAF, Ars Electronica, Currents as well as at MUTEK Mexico, Montreal and Japan. CNDSD's sound is conceived for an experimental environment and cross-borders musical exercises: granular landscapes, algorithmic vocal experiments, hypnotic noise improvisations, live coding and asymmetric patterns.