Michel Winterberg

Year of birth, place
lives and works in
Basel, Switzerland

Michel Winterberg (*1972) works spatially with interactive video and sound installations, mixed media and animatronic elements. He has been producing electronic music and sound designs and making AV performances since 1991. Trained as an electromechanic and graduated in process design, he works as technical director at HeK (Haus der elektronischen Künste Basel) and at the Institute HyperWerk, Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst, Basel. He teaches as a guest lecturer at various universities. He has exhibited regularly in Switzerland and Europe since 2010. 
Installations, exhibition participations, performances

Sehnerv Medienkunstpreise (Media Art Awards) 2022 – Shortlist, Bern, Switzerland
HEK House of Electronic Arts, Performing Traces, Basel, Switzerland
Seed 2.0 – Art for a Sustainable Future – grand tour, Budapest, Warschau, Taipei, Tokyo and Rheinfelden Baden

Frac Alsace – Transmergence #02 »Entre Nous«, Sélestat Cedex, France

Kunstmuseum Reutlingen – GENERATE! FESTIVAL, Symbiotic Distortion live AV performance, Reutlingen, Germany

HeK (House of Electronic Arts Basel), Symbiotic Distortion live AV performance, Basel, Switzerland
NOISELAB Festival Berlin, Symbiotic Distortion live AV performance, Berlin, Teufelsberg, Germany

Kunstverein Freiburg – Talk to me, Freiburg, Germany
HeK (House of Electroic Arts Basel) – Die Form des Klangs, Basel, Switzerland
Kunsthaus Zofingen – KUNSTWORT & BILDTEXT, Zofingen, Switzerland

2017 Kunsthalle Basel – OOO Object Oriented Ontology, Basel, Switzerland
Kunstraum LLC, DEMO DAY, New York, USA
DOCK Archiv Diskurs- und Kunstraum, Transformat Kleinbasel, Basel, Switzerland
Kunstraum Aarau, Signs Fraction, Aarau, Switzerland

LISTE – Art Fair Basel, Switzerland
Brockenbude Glubos, Basel, Switzerland

The Worlds They Wanted, HeK (House of Electronic Arts Basel), Switzerland
ANGE(SE)HEN – GESICHTER EINER STADT, Basler Münster/ Cathedral, Switzerland
Art Market Budapest (represented by ARTspaceSWITZERLAND), Hungary Critical
Make – turning functionality, HeK (House of Electronic Arts Basel), Switzerland

Kunst_stücke ins Licht getaucht, DOCK Basel, Switzerland
Hebel_121, solo exhibition in Basel, Switzerland

Ma(r)king Territories, HeK (House of Electronic Arts Basel), Switzerland
Ausstellungsraum Klingental, Insert: Stall, Basel, Switzerland
Space Record – Missions in Airspace, Grand Hall Bern, Switzerland
WRO 13th Media Art Biennale in Wrocław, Poland

Hidden/Obvious, HeK (House of Electronic Arts Basel), Switzerland
Factory Warteck pp, Basel, Switzerland
Open house, Institute HyperWerk HGK FHNW, Basel, Switzerland

Wildwuchs Festival, Kaserne Basel, Switzerland
Digital Art Exhibition »MIC Exhibition 2011–plot_point_position«, Auckland, Neuseeland